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2000 Years
Aromatic Journey
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Gordon Barnholden   Oriental Acupressure, Moxabustion, Cupping, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Sports Bodywork and Preventive Health Care

"Your music is very inspiring. When I first heard this album Ď2000 Years In The Footsteps Of Jesusí, I could not stop listening to it. Itís always new and I always hear something I never heard before, and I must have played this CD 4 or 500 times. Thatís the only one I play. I go between that one and your first CD ĎAromatic Journeyí. And itís perfect for this kind of work, for acupressure and relaxing, because at the end of the session you want that person to wake up and get going. So at 59 minutes I just turn it up a couple of notches, and itís the one with the trumpet which is good for getting your patients up and going. And Iíll tell you, when my clients hear it they say ďwho was that?Ē So I show them the CD and they say ďoh Iíll take that, has he got anymore?Ē And I say thereís one more Aromatic Journey, and heís coming out with more. Also what this piece did for me is, Iíve been in this business 15 years, and as you know, when you do anything for any length of time, your interest sort of wanes. And my interest in this had waned a bit. And when I heard this music it re-inspired me. And Iím finding myself closing my eyes and going to an Arabian desert and pitch myself in a tent with a desert breeze blowing in, and the flowing silk in the tent moving. Especially this one, this is my favorite, ĎThe Plains Of Megidoí. It just sends goose bumps. And so I find myself flowing with the music in my work, and the people that I work on are getting much more out of it, Iím getting fed spiritually, and musically Iím getting fed and my soul is being revived, and itís from this music.

What ever kind of spirituality or what ever youíve tapped into, youíve hit something really profound. This music has changed the way I look at things. It really has. Itís changed the way I work, itís changed the way I am, itís given meÖ itís like food. I come in in the morning itís the first thing I do. I donít listen to other music anymore. I donít listen to the radio, I donít listen to the television, I play this CD when Iím here I just repeat it and repeat it for 6 or 7 hours. And if thereís nobody around Iíll put it on 12 and hear a whole new CD. I canít get enough of it. So what itís done for me, itís really changed the way I work, itís changed the way I feel about my clients and how IÖ..itís just something in me wells up, and I canítÖ.Iím not a religious man, Iím a spiritual person, a BuddhistÖ..and Iíll tell you, it just brings everything to the surface. It brings tears to my eyes, and nothing, no music ever moved me like this before. SoÖ..youíd better get busy. You can just imagine how Iím working on these people and just flowing thru their bodies. Itís truly inspired. With the kind of spiritual awakening that you have, your going to be appealing to those people, not on a logical, lineal intelligent level, but on a spiritual level. So itís really touched my life in a positive way."

Gordon B. Barnholden, A.M.T. #101-125W. 2nd Street North Vancouver, BC Canada   V7M 1C5 Tel. (604) 904-7764

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2000 Years


Aromatic Journey




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