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"2000 Years in the Footsteps of Jesus, despite what the title may sound like, doesn't have religious overtones. It is instead a musical evocation of Jerusalem and its heritage. Anstey's project was ambitious: fusing together traditional Middle-Eastern music and instruments, Christian sacred music and modern electronic instruments. The result is a convincing form of ethnic fusion, well balanced between New Age synthetic soundscapes and ethnic music samples. But Anstey does it with good taste and a keen sense of atmosphere. In addition to keyboards, he also plays saz, oud and tambur. He is joined on a few tracks by Adam Szydel on bass flute and Michal MŁller on zither. The Plains of Medigo and Bethlehem Nights provide the highlights of the album, at times evoking Peter Gabriel's luxurious (and influential) Passion. In a few other places the music becomes one-dimensional, as if it was only an illustrative counterpoint to a documentary. But in general 2000 Years... stays an engaging album." FranÁois Couture -All Music Guide 

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Instrumental musical impressions of the middle eastern landscapes, and ambiences from the marketplaces and oriental bazaars, to the resonant beauty of big cathedral acoustics. These original compositions of Richard Anstey contain a unique blend of ethnic middle eastern instruments played authentically by oriental musicians in a modern fusion with a massive 80 voice London choir, Gregorian men's choir, a boys choir, acoustic and electronic western instruments. Exotic oriental lutes: oud, saz, yali tambur, psaltry, zither and guitar. Ethnic percussion instruments of metal, clay and skin: darbuka, riq, tanake, dumbek, daf, sagat, tabla, bendir, duvul and tof Miriam. Ancient flutes: ney, shepherd's flute and modern bass flute,  plus the traditional fiddle, Jew's harp and rams horn shofar.

The music was recorded at Silicon Sound Studio in Vienna, Austria after a 13 year extended stay in Israel. This CD was first published in Israel and is also popular with massage therapists.

Listeners from around the world

"I'm still listening to the 'Footsteps' CD whenever I need some tranquility, which is often when you live in LA! It's very good at pulling pictures out of the mind, if you know what I mean. Great CD, which I also listen to while driving down the LA freeways." Leah -California, USA

"When something excellent like this comes along, I donít want to listen to anything else, and I never get tired of it. Iíve listened to this thing probably 300 or 400 hours. I just canít get enough of it. What ever kind of spirituality or what ever youíve tapped into, youíve hit something really profound. This music has changed the way I look at things. It really has. Iím not a religious man, Iím a spiritual person, a BuddhistÖ..and Iíll tell you, it just brings everything to the surface. It brings tears to my eyes, and nothing, no music ever moved me like this before. With the kind of spiritual awakening that you have, youíre going to be appealing to those people, not on a logical, lineal intelligent level, but on a spiritual level. So itís really touched my life in a positive way." Gordon B. Barnholden A.M.T. -Vancouver, Canada

"'2000 Years In The Footsteps Of Jesus' is an impressive walk. The best of the music is like heavy footsteps of the Master -at time ponderous and sad, at other times smooth and joyful. I love to listen and am inspired each time. Last year I played On The Via Dolorosa for my Sunday School class during Lent and plan to do the same this year. Thank you for this musical gift of promise." Anne Crowfoot -Morrilton, Arkansas, USA

"I listened to your two discs and found that I enjoyed '2000 Years' the most, as the changing instrumental textures and modal melodic ideas kept my interest engaged throughout." Barnaby Ralph -Queensland, Australia

"'In The Footsteps Of Jesus' is most relaxing. I play the CD very often, usually early in the morning to help start my day or while eating breakfast -very relaxing and inspirational." Edith Foster -Morrilton, Ark., USA

"I recently had a radical prostatectomy and it was the first operation ever for me; for that matter I had never been an inpatient in a hospital. To put it mildly I was very apprehensive about the event and had trouble sleeping or concentrating on anything else. I heard of Richard's music through my cousin who lives in Vienna and it was really the only thing that helped ease my mind. I did not want to take a tranquilizer or sedative, but Richard's music provided just that without any side-effects--or, I should say, only positive ones. I can highly recommend his "medication" and the price is right.Ē George -living in Switzerland and California




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2000 Years


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1. On the Via Dolorosa
2. The Plains of Megido
3. Caravan to Petra
4. Balm of Gilead
5. Atlantis
6. From the River to the Sea
7. Road to Dammesek
8. Bethlehem Nights
9. Wedding Songs
10. A Hundred Gates



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